About the Penticton Flyfishers

Our club is dedicated to the practice and promotion of fishing with flies, supporting and furthering fish propagation, research and conservation of all fish species throughout BC, supporting and encouraging the preservation and development of lake and stream waters for the practice of fishing with artificial flies, and supporting the Ministry of Environment with projects that are intended to enhance fishing opportunities generally.

We meet twice per month from September to June. Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month and fly tying nights happen every second Thursday. See our calendar here. We take the summer off to go fishing.

Note: All meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Click here for more information.

We regularly get together for fishouts at various lakes during the open water season. These fishouts are an excellent opportunity to fish with more experienced anglers and learn about the local fisheries.

Dues are $80 per year and include access to our members-only Facebook group (where we talk about those lakes you’re never supposed to talk about). You also get affiliate memberships to the BCWF and the BCFFF.