We meet twice a month.

Our first meeting is on the first Thursday of the month and is broken down into two parts. The first is a brief overview of club activities and business. We try to get this over with as quickly as possible, but from time to time a spirited debate draws it out. The other is for educational and informative presentations about all things fly fishing, from leader making to trout food. These sessions are a fascinating glimpse into the world of fly fishing.

The second meeting, on the second Thursday of every month at Slackwater Brewing, is a dedicated to fly tying. These sessions are a great way to get started and develop your skills as a fly tier. We are lucky to have many skilled tiers in the club who are always happy to share tips and help out newcomers.

Regular meetings and fly tying nights run from September to June. We take the summer off to go fishing, although we remain quite active on our members only Facebook group.

We host fishouts throughout the open water season. These fishouts are an excellent opportunity to fish with more experienced anglers and learn about the local fisheries. Dates, locations and other information is posted on our Facebook group and talked about during our regular meetings.

The Penticton Flyfishers are also involved in a variety of habitat restoration, conservation and fisheries improvement projects around the area.